An 8-Week Bootcamp Focused on Building Businesses that Support Community Needs



CASE Indy is a community accelerator for social entrepreneurs in Indianapolis. Our mission is to support and connect entrepreneurs in our communities. We seek to develop entrepreneurs who are working on creative & sustainable solutions to the many serious challenges facing Indianapolis like equity, food access, housing and more. Indianapolis, like metropolitan areas around the country, is faced with increasing poverty rates, nearly doubling from 2000 to 2015. Instead of just talking about the problems we need your ideas and passion to build community-based solutions from the ground up.

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Program Overview

CASE Indy is an 8-week program that focuses on strengthening business models as well as building & implementing marketing campaigns. In-person classes will take place once a week and include mentorship from our team and opportunities to expand your social network. We will cover essential skills for starting/growing your social enterprise with a focus on business management tools, building and using your social capital and developing your leadership skills. At the end of the program, participants will present their final projects at an entertaining showcase night, Entre-SLAM. Winners can earn seed money and/or critical resources from CASE Indy partners.

What's at Stake:

  • Potential seed funding/grants

Who Should Apply:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-profits
  • Curious, passionate thinkers

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What You’ll Learn

This 8-week program is designed to develop solutions for social, culture and/or environmental issues affecting the Indianapolis region. Selected teams will be taken through a rigorous program that will test their ability to predict, address, and creatively respond to future problems within the community. Specifically, we'll working through the following categories:


Goal-setting, problem solving & prototyping.

Entrepreneurial Qualities

Teams will take their ideas, envision how it will look in the future and show how they have to drive to make the vision/idea come to life.

Social Impact of the Idea

If an idea has intrinsic worth, once implanted it will cause change without a charismatic leader. Teams will have to show their ability to use their idea to draw in a team.

Ethical Fiber

In order to change the world, your team must be trustworthy, ethical and team-oriented.

Funding & Sustainability

Building a social enterprise can be financially challenging as your services to help may be for those who are least able to pay for it. This program will also help build the right business model so that your idea is both viable and sustainable.