How to on-board a new contractor

A short guide for project managers

  1. Once a new contractor is confirmed, project manager have the contractor complete a w-9 form and e-mail it to If the contractor is unsure on how to fill out the form, this IRS video or sample form may help. Payments will not be sent without a w-9 on file. 
  2. Project manager complete a Scope of Work form together with the contractor.
  3. Add the contractor’s info to the template tab of the monthly approval sheet here at, so accounting has their correct info for future pay periods.
  4. Project manager walk the contractor through our invoicing and payments process and answer any questions. Ideally we will pay all vendors with direct deposit, CashApp, Paypal or Venmo. Preferred payment method as well as payment terms will be indicated on their invoices.
  5. To notify the contractor of the steps we need them to complete, you can direct them to or you could send an email like this example:

Welcome aboard!

Here are the things we need from you: