Meet Imhotep Adisa


Imhotep Adisa is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Kheprw Institute, a non-profit organization focused on youth development in Indianapolis, IN. Over the course of a momentous 14 year period, Imhotep has guided the Kheprw Institute (KI) as it has blossomed from a small mentorship program serving 5 African American high school males to a mid-size intergenerational multi-racial organization addressing and creating future-oriented solutions for myriads of community challenges: education, environment, economy and empowerment. Drawing on a lifetime of experience as an entrepreneur and servant leader, Imhotep has helped to successfully launch a multitude of social enterprises with little to no monetary capital. He instead focuses on the power of social capital and believes relationships and people are the most valuable resource in any community. He uses these community-centered businesses as platforms for community economic development and leadership development, serving as a mentor and coach to dozens of individuals within the organization and outside of it. Three of these enterprises are:

KI NuMedia is a creative agency that produces videos, websites and other multi-media products to help clients/supporters tell their story. The enterprise generates revenue to support KI and provides a live learning lab classroom for an intergenerational team of social entrepreneurs, designers, and creators.


Community Controlled Food Initiative (CCFI) is a food co-op created from the ground-up after the last local grocery store chain closed in 2016. The social enterprise launched with no monetary capitol and has created a local fresh food supply by building relationships with local farmers and neighborhood residents.


Scarabys Consulting is a consulting firm relaunched in 2017 to provide services to help others create/build infrastructures for community-based initiatives, drawing on the KI's experiences over the last 14 years, Imhotep's leadership and the energy of seasoned young leaders.

KI's work now has a global reach and deep community connections across many different social and cultural circles. The impact of KI's partnerships, projects, and mentorship work speaks for itself in the lives of those who have participated in this transformational organization. Imhotep’s primary emphasis has been and continues to be developing the leadership capacity of young people and equipping them to create a better future and world