What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Using the entrepreneurial model to address the social needs of the community and create opportunity

Creating opportunity using the resources you’ve got.

Step 1: Bootstrap Model

We teach people an approach we refer to as the bootstrap model. What that basically means is creating economic solutions and opportunities with the resources you already have access to. Starting from this frame of reference creates a sense self-reliance and self-determination because it focuses on what can be done now with what we have.

Step 2: Leveraging Social Capital

We provide tools for using and leveraging social capital just as much if not more than monetary capital. The depth and breadth of your relationships in a community determines your social capital.

Step 3: Opportunity Creation

We believe people can be taught to see and create opportunities. The purpose of social entrepreneurship is to address challenges in community. By training ourselves and others to view these challenges as opportunities to create economic models to solve them, we in turn become opportunity seekers and creators.

Step 4: Live Learning Labs

We illustrate how social enterprises are live learning labs for community teams. They provide hands on experience and skill development in a variety of areas from relationship development, teamwork, problem solving, fund development, resources acquisition, project management to delegation.