Albert Einstein“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Scarabys Consulting has designed workshops to expose participants to new ways of thinking and doing that can help us address complex issues facing our communities, organizations and world. Each workshop contains 3 hours of interactive activities, tangible examples, and exposure to new skills and resources for further practice and study.

Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

This workshop will provide a how-to, theory and practice of social entrepreneurship as a way to transform society, impact social/environmental issues, sustain organizations and create opportunity in community. We will cover what social entrepreneurship is, using examples from around the world, examine characteristics of entrepreneurs, how to build your team and management tools and systems.

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Social Capital Fundamentals

Scarabys defines social capital as the extensiveness of your social network and depth of these relationships. This workshop will provide tools and skill building exercises to better understand what social capital is and how to build, maintain and use it.

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Conflict Transformation: Working Across Difference

This workshop will help you identify your approach to conflict, better understand the perspectives of others and communicate with greater courage and consideration. We will cover the principles of conflict transformation, which seeks to embrace conflict as a force with the potential to transform our lives, relationships and work.

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Leadership Fundamentals

The journey of leadership development begins with self-master. This workshop will help you assess your leadership style, strengths and weaknesses and provide you a set of techniques and tools to improve your leadership. It will also provide an overview of foundation texts for further study.