What is Social Capital?

The depth and breadth of your relationships in a community determines your social capital.

Step 1: People-First Values & Behaviors

We will show you how to grow your social capital by practicing values and behaviors that strengthen relationships including valuing each person for their gifts and supporting each person to reach their potential. Strengthening your relationships increases your social capital. This increases the network of people willing to support a shared vision which enhances our ability to reach our goals as an organization.

Step 2: Identify and Build

We will work with your group to do an inventory of the social networks of your team and partnerships of the organization. We will work with you to map out a strategy to achieve your organization’s goals through utilizing and strengthening these relationships and partnerships. We will also work with you to create a strategy to increase your network. This strategy will focus on growing relationships in certain social circles based on your past experiences and our research.

Step 3: Leverage

We will show you how to accomplish your goals drawing from the support and resources in your social network. This will be based on the inventory of current relationships and your strategy to grow your network. Key to this stage is the establishment and maintenance of reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationships.